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Jay Jiang
Lisa Yang
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Jason Yang

  22 Hair Salon Menu:

Cutting and Styling Services

Style only$20/35& UP

Women’s Cut/Style$30/35/40& UP

Men’ s Cut
$24/28& UP

Special Style/Updos$45/55& UP

Technical Services* 

Single Process Color            $60/70/80& UP

Color Retouch                   $55/60& UP

Partial Highlight                $50/60& UP

Full Highlight                $75/85& UP

Specialty/Balayage/Ombre Consultation


Japanese Straightening Perm      $200/250& UP

Japanese Digital Perm       $120/140/160& UP

Digital Perm with Straightening   $250/280& UP

Air Perm                  $65/75/85& UP

Brazillian Blow Out          $160/180& UP

Relaxer                      $75& UP


Hydration Smooth Treatment          $65/75& UP

Scalp Treatemnt                  $50/65& UP

Shiseido Salon Solution Intensive        $95& UP

Protection                   $30& UP

*Do not include haircut


Address: 9896 Bellaire Blvd ste F, Houston, TX 77036

TEL: 713-270-7778

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